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We plan to offer zoom classes for the foreseeable future and offer the following timetable:

Monday 6pm
Tuesday 11 am
Wednesday 2pm, 6.30pm
Thursday 6pm
Friday 6pm
Sunday 11am

To allow for the changing circumstances we will charge in 4 week blocks therefore a 4 week course of classes will cost £28 per person, you may sign up for more than 1 class if you wish to (as previously there will be the option to make up ‘missed classes’ within the 4 week block).

If you would like to enrol in classes please email
Fees (as at January 2012)
Multiply the cost per class by the number of weeks in the term.
Workshops, visiting teachers, special classes / courses, will be priced individually
1 hour class £7.00
1.5 hour class £8.00
Teachers £11.00
Term Dates 2020-21
Summer 2020 - 12 week term
Classes start: Monday 20th April 2020
Half term: 25th to 29th May 2020
Term finishes: Friday 10th July 2020 (schools finish Monday 20th July)
Autumn 2020 - 14 week term
Classes start: Monday 7th September 2020
Half term: 26th October to 30th October 2020
Term finishes: Friday 11th December 2020 (schools finish Friday 18th December)
Winter 2021 - 12 week term
Classes start: Monday 4th January 2021
Half term: Monday 15th to 19th February 2021
Term finishes: Friday 1st April 2021 (2nd is Good Friday)
Spring/Summer 2021 - 12 week term
Classes start: Monday 19th April 2021
Half term: 1st to 4th June 2021
Term finishes: Friday 9th July 2021 (Schools finish on Wednesday 21st July)
PLEASE ENSURE YOU CHECK WITH YOUR CIYC TEACHER THEIR TERM DATES, the dates above are Gloucestershire County Council school dates and your term may be shorter in length.

Due to the popularity of classes enrolment priority is given to existing students. All classes taken at CIYC are on “COURSE ONLY” basis, we do not offer “drop – in” sessions. All events must be pre-booked and prepaid. Until then your place is not confirmed.

Please note we do not under any circumstances allow anyone to observe a class of Iyengar Yoga at CIYC

Classes: No refund will be offered unless a replacement can be found. In this case a £15 administration fee will be charged. Any weeks taken will also be deducted at the class rate.
Events: If you should cancel your booking for an EVENT our policy is: a month or more notice - a full refund, two weeks notice - a 50% refund, a week or less - no refund unless we are able to find a substitute.
Remedial Yoga:
Please contact the Centre direct.
Pregnant students may continue to attend their regular class until such time that they finish work or become uncomfortable, when they may attend the Remedial class to follow a special programme until their confinement.
Making up classes:
It may be possible for you to “make up” a lost class, as long as it is taken within the current term and you must, as a matter of courtesy, telephone the teacher of the class you would like to substitute and enquire if this is possible. We do our best to be accommodating but on occasions it just is not possible to make space in another class for you.
New students to CIYC:
Please complete the separate enrolment form and a Student Declaration form will be given to you at your first class.
Existing CIYC students:
Please forward your cheque for the new term (unless you are requesting a different class, in which case fill in the separate enrolment form). Otherwise we do already have your contact details and you do not need to fill in the form again.
Booking Form (opens in a new window)
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