About the Cotswold Iyengar Yoga Centre
We opened the centre just over 22 years ago.  Mr. Iyengar very generously allowed us to use his name and wished us every success for the future, as long as we adhered to his methods and teachings. This we do with all our hearts and souls and continue to visit Pune regularly for our own development.

Watermoor Villa was built in 1847 and sits in a Cotswold stone walled garden, tucked away, so effectively, that even locals are not aware we are there! The garden has many listed trees and interesting planting and our students enjoy walking around it to see what’s new.

CIYC - Watermoor Villa
The yoga studio is light and airy. The floor is beautiful; we have 10 sets of wall ropes and a cupboard full of Pune style props. All equipment for class is provided, non-slip mats, blocks, belts, bricks, blankets, slanting planks, Halasana benches, Setubandha benches, stools and back benders, plus a Trestler.

We can accommodate 18 students though this number will vary.

We have a changing room for ladies and a toilet for their use and the same for men. We operate a “shoe free” zone once you enter the centre – you are asked to put your shoes on the rack provided. Outdoor footwear is considered unclean to both carpets, other flooring but most importantly to the atmosphere of the centre.
Using Props
In the yoga studio, there is a small shrine in which you will see the Lord Patanjali statue. Patanjali was a sage, the founder of yoga, believed to have lived sometime between 30 BC-AD300.
We have a large car park. When the darker nights come, the car park is well lit. We are situated only a 10-minute walk away from Cirencester town centre.
CIYC has a very noticeable atmosphere, it is friendly, clean and warm, a very welcoming environment in which to attend classes.