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Practice at home
Now is a perfect time to do some self-practice. Below are our first two practice sheets which were originally created for a Comic Relief day so please excuse the red noses!
Practice 1: No Time at all (pdf file)
Practice 2: Invigorating (pdf file)
Practice 3: Work legs (pdf file)
Practice 4: Stretch and Relax (pdf file)
Practice 5: Back and Knee Pain (pdf file)
Class Types
  Will no longer be taught as a separate subject.  It will be covered in all General, Intermediate and Advanced classes.
Mixed Ability
  For all levels, suitable for most beginners.
  For those who have attended classes for some time and are prepared to work on a stable head balance.
For those who have attended classes for some time and can hold a head balance for 5 minutes.
For teachers, trainee teachers only.
  A class suitable for young folk from the age of 5 years up to 14 years with a dynamic, fun approach. Parents may come too but only if you come to classes here as you do need the background.
NB. On occasions it may be possible for you to "make up" lost classes.  Please phone the teacher concerned to check they have the space for you, do not just arrive, we are very full but we will do our best to help.
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