What is Yoga?
Yoga is an ancient form of physical exercise that stretches the mind and body.
What can Yoga do for me?
  Yoga will give you more energy day to day, plus the best nights sleep you have had for ages!  Yoga stretches your muscles, mobilises joints, cures aches and pains and generally makes you feel more comfortable in your body.  Pupils report improved concentration and a feeling of calmness.
What does a typical class entail?
  You will be taught a series of body movements which are held for a period of time.  Gradually your alignment will improve and your stability and stamina will increase.  You will be taught guided relaxation for the last few minutes of the class.
Is Yoga relaxing?
  The Yoga asanas (exercises) get rid of built up tensions in the body through sustained stretches.  After completing the main part of the class you will find yourself in the right frame of mind and body to enjoy relaxation.
How does it differ from other forms of activity e.g. Aerobics?
  It will not interfere with other sports - it merely makes you more effective in whatever you do.  Most forms of exercise do not concentrate nearly enough on warming up, stretching, cool down etc.  The correct positioning of the body in Yoga is essential which concentrates on extension not contraction.
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